Features Of Google Allo App; The smart Messenger.

By | September 26, 2016

Features Of Google Allo App

Now everyone everywhere talking about the smart messaging application by the big G google called Allo App. Allo app came to the market that competitive with whatsapp and facebook messenger application. So all of us have very curious to know what are the stunning features included in allo app by google to get kick out the other messaging apps from the market by google. Here we are going to list out the features of google allo app. Just keep updated with us blog to get the each and every aspects of google allo application. Also Download allo app apk for smart messenger app.
Features Of Google Allo App

Allo App Features

Now Let us check the features of google allo app. We hope you are downloaded the google allo app . 
Do More On You Chat With Google ALLO


whisper/shout is the killer features of google allo app, which will allows you to alter the size of the text that you wish to want. Thus you can add your feeling in the text you are using. Thus add more meaning to your words with this stunning features of google allo messenger app.
Shout when you are in that mood, express your feelings at its peak, and just whisper when you are in that mood. Any of the messenger application in the market do not have such a great features the only Google introduced which will add more value to their application.


Google Assistance

Yup, the all great features on google allo app. Here what they mean is that, you can do more and add more value to your conversation without leaving the conversation. you can gather information, you can get answers, and get things finishes without the need of leaving your chat conversation.
The google assistant can help you to suggest and discover the nearest places, restaurants, movies and add that in your conversation. Insert youtube videos in your conversation while someone asking you to help with. This is a great features that none of the existing app now have in the market.
Let take the screenshot

More stickers and emotions to add your feelings

This is very stunning features where you add your feelings and emtions on your mind with the stickers and emojis on google allo app. They designed and integrated the emojis and stickers exclusively for the google allo app users from the different studios, different locations around the globe.

Auto Suggest Response

This app suggests you to what you have to answer the questions they are asking. You can select the autosuggests by the application without typing any letter on your keypad.

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Make your Conversation Private With Incognito mode

If you want to get your conversation getting secret, the incognito mode allows you to do not track the conversation on your device, all the chat will not be there in the appliaction when you use the incognito mode.
This is all the new and exciting features on google allo app. Now do not wait to download. Now itself download the allo app apk for your android smartphone, iphone, windows and mac pc.

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